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Swiss Cropcircle Essences

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No. 72.) Pictogram, Büttenhardt, CH (2004)
Pictogram near the Swiss/German border. The essence has a strong purifying effect on the solar plexus and the digestive organs on both the physical as well as the energetic level.

No. 73.) Circles, Talheim, CH (2004)
The essence helps us to develop a profound confidence and reminds us that we are always connected with the divine source in God and that all life is connected.

No. 92.) Snail, Rheinau, CH (2007)
Anticlockwise formation. It has a cleansing effect on thoughts and old patterns. Right and left hemisphere become connected so that inner balance can appear and thoughts can be brought into logical structures.

No. 96.) Paradise Forest, Diessenhofen, CH (2008)
This formation gives you a strong and positive life strengthening power. It supports positive thoughts and strengthens the immune system. Helps people in difficult situations, to concentrate on the positive and to connect with God.

No. 109.) DNA-Lichtfrequenzen, Hörhausen D (2009)
This circle has the shape of an uprising spiral. This essence helps to increase the vibrations of the body and to adapt to higher frequencies of light. The DNA integrates these vibrations and then evolves accordingly, adapting the light frequencies.

No. 123.) Hochfelden, CH (2010)
This crop circle has a purifying effect on old patterns. It helps recognize that everything arises from the love of God and to respect the principles of the holy creation and to let go of old habits and limitations of thinking, it clears the way for a new consciousness.

No. 140.) Löhningen, CH (2012)
Supports the digestive tract. Very good cleansing effect. Cleansing energetically effected areas, houses, places.

No. 141.) Büsingen, D (2012)
This essence helps to connect to the sacral and with God.

No. 151.) Rheinau, CH (2013)
Experience the fullness. For people who are searching for their place in life, who have still to deal with existential fears. It purifies deeply rooted subconscious processes. It makes us aware that the entire pursuit of material things may be an expression of uncertainty. It teaches us that the point is about the confidence in experiencing the true wealth, to trust in God and knowing that this life is only a passage, and that the true wealth lies in love and in the connection with God. All our cells are pervaded with this information, old sorrow and memories on the cellular level and in the subconscious mind can be transformed and released through our consciousness.


Delph ®

PHI Delph® Essence (Dolphin) is an extraordinary essence. Produced with the conscious help of free, seadwelling dolphins, it has the amazing ability to work on all our chakras at once, stimulating and harmonizing our entire being. The dolphins’ message is one of unconditional Love. Like a personal encounter with wild dolphins in the ocean, this essence opens our heart chakra so that we experience Life’s unity and the interrelatedness of all living things.

Mix of these Essences:Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Betlehem, Lotus and Prunella (Self-Heal) Exhaustion, minor shock, traumatism (ie: after an operation).
Available as a spray and cream, too.


15 ml stockbottles