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New Flower Essences / English Language

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The Complete Guide of Essences
for a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.

Our knowledge of the revolutionary effects of flower essences goes back to the research carried out by Dr Edward Bach in the ´30s. During his tireless search of medicines for his patients, he discovered the existing relationship between illnesses and states of mind, between dispositions and behavior underlying each type of person. For him, all the physical illnesses had their origin in the spiritual environment, for example, in negative feelings and fears that influence the inner state of harmony and inconsistency. He discovered that different types of flowers and plants could contribute to change these negative forces into positive ones.
He named this healing virtue, the “flowers potential”. Bach also verified that patients with the same issue often reacted very differently to their illness. Through his long experience, he detected that the way in which the person reacts is
what triggers the manifestation of physical suffering. In other words, certain personalities, in their negative side, weaken their vital force leaving a door opened to illnesses.......