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HLT ® Holistic Light Treatment - Complete Kit

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Weight: 4,5 kg per piece
Patent: 30 2009 004 380.9/03

326 Energy Slides
318x 2ml  Essences  (real leather case)
1x CD Hunab Ku

1x License

Holistic Light Treatment (HLT) ®

Description of the patent protected Holistic Light Therapy HLT

The newly developed procedure represents a combination of light-, colour- and essences and music therapies, that either can be joined to the already existing institutions or entirely new houses could be created according to the treatment requirements.
-       The effect has been scientifically verified by the Institut for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart, Germany, (Dr. Haffelder). This procedure not only has an effect on our light body (aura), it is also absorbed by the skin. Today it is scientifically proven that the cells communicate amongst each other via light impulses.
-        This treatment strengstens the person’s self-esteem, balances his energies. Through this anxiety can disappear and impulses of self-healing may be activated.

The advantage of this therapy

A new method of treatment with light, color and sound information combined with essences.
The human is being in the centre of attention. He should recognize himself again as part of nature
and activate the possibilities of self-healing.

HLT-Photos: Peter Wind