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Concentration Spray

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Weight: 0,122 kg per piece
Basic Spray supports learning. The essence mixture helps children, adolescents and adults their
to improve student achievement.

Think and act.
The essence mixture brings peace into thinking helps mentally alert and to be clear
and not to be distracted when many flows simultaneously on one.
Information can be filtered and combined. Efficient and
targeted working and learning is supported and strengthened memory.
The connection between mind and body and the cooperation between the two
Hemispheres is promoted.

Emotional impact.
The essence mixture helps exam nerves, helps to reduce fear of failure,
from stressful thoughts resolve to devote himself to what made shall be.
It helps to develop a basic sense of trust in life and in himself
and trust himself something. It encourages openness to new ideas, arouses curiosity and
by the desire to learn something.

Social skills
The interactions between people will be more clearly understood, the
Sense of community is encouraged. At the same time the ability in himself will
encouraged to stay and not feel responsible for others. Both must
be developed to both work alone, as well as in a team can.