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Dreamers Awareness Spray

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The grounding Spray for children who dream away or heavily social in the world can engage.
It was surprisingly found in the production of the essence blends, that people with clinically different disorders ADS (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ASA (autism spectrum disorder) basically need the same Esse Nenets.

Think and act.
The essence mixture brings peace into thinking helps mentally alert and to be clear
and not to be distracted when many flows simultaneously on one.
Information can be filtered and combined. The
Essence mixture helps to let go of stressful thoughts to get the to
devote, what should be done.
Efficient and targeted work and learning is supported and memory
The connection between mind and body and the cooperation between the two
Hemispheres is promoted.

Emotional impact.
The essence blend helps allay fears to gain mental clarity,
to develop trust and to protect themselves against the excessive flood of stimuli.
It helps with oversized sensitivity, reduces the tendency in fantasy worlds and
to escape fantasies, stimulates interest in the present and helps a
establish connection to reality. The essence mix gives strength to
Implementation of ideas helps to develop visions and courage to implement them. they
helps to be a sense of being protected, to develop of basic trust. This creates
a sense of security and stability.

Social skills.
Children who are difficult to engage in the world, it is because they social the
not understand interactions or because they do not keep the focus on the world
may need assistance to arrive on this earth and on it
wanting to get involved and be able to.
The increasing ability to control stimuli and to protect themselves, is more
Openness and understanding possible for social relationships.
The essence mixture helps better understanding of the interaction between
people develop what are mentally fit and protection. , It helps in confidence
to yourself and to develop environmental estimate when demarcation and
When resilience and confidence lead to the goal.