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Calming Down Spray for children

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Weight: 0,122 kg per piece

The calming spray with restlessness, impulsivity, attention problems.
The essence mixture helps children, young people and adults, which to
Hyperactivity, poor concentration and impulsive actions tend their
to improve student achievement.
It can be used in children with a diagnosis of ADHD.

Think and act.
The essence mixture helps strong restlessness, distractibility, mentally
uncontrolled wandering and difficulty staying on one thing off.
The essence mixture brings peace into thinking helps mentally alert and to be clear
and not to be distracted when many flows simultaneously on one.
Information can be filtered and combined. The
Essence mixture promotes the ability to plan courses of action and
perform to set priorities and bring tasks to end. unchecked
emerging pulses can be better controlled and reflected.
Information can be filtered and combined. The memory
and the memory will be strengthened.

Emotional impact.
The essence helps exam nerves, helps to reduce fear of failure, from
to solve stressful thoughts to devote himself to what should be done.
The essence mixture supports letting go of perfectionism helps
let go of excessive demands on themselves. Feelings of alternating
Hopelessness, overconfidence, often from inferiority and
Failure experiences arise dissolve. More confidence leads to
Motivation and vitality, making active, goal-oriented and self-confident
can be traded.

Social skills.
The essence mixture helps better understanding of the interaction between
people develop what are mentally fit and protection. It helps a flair for
develop when demarcation and when resilience and confidence to target
to lead. It helps to develop confidence in themselves and the environment. Thereby, the
Power strengthened himself to find and less dependent on the other of the opinion
to become. Social skills can be acquired and understood rules of conduct
and are learned.

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