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Southern two toed Sloth - Faultier

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Weight: 0,05 kg per piece
(Choloepus didactylus), Photo: Dreamstime

It helps us to gain a better feel for the time to do things alone and is highly effective in stressful situations.

On the physical level, the essence helps us to find more serenity and calm for a balanced sleep while which our body can recover.

We learn to give our body more rest periods and to recover properly.

On the emotional level: The essence gives un a better sense of time. We learn to listen to our bodies and to feel, when we need to insert rest. We learn a different way of dealing with stress and prevent stress symptoms such as the burn-out.

At the spiritual level: The essence teaches us that it is our own thoughts that determine how we are doing, determine our life. We learn to not always have to respond to everything, but let us also even just hang out in the hammock. Why should we stress us? Is it our goal in life to end up with a heart attack? We learn to think about the meaning of life.