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Pink Amazone-Dolphin

16,00 EUR
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Weight: 0,05 kg per piece
(Sotalia fluviatilis)

Is connecting us with the heart of the planet earth is giving us a deep connection with our soul, is calming and raising the consciousness.


Customer recommendation:

Dear Andreas!!!
My name is B......, I'm from Uruguay. I went to the Seminary in Uruguay when you came in 2012 (you gave me as a present the Essence of the rose Dolphins at the end of the Seminary).
First of all, please forgive me, I'm afraid my English is terrible, but I'm going to try to be as clear as possible.
I would like to tell you something: I have been working from that day with your marvellous essences; I used them for different treatments at the physical level and the results has been incredible.
In any moment, I would like to share with you this information, in order to collaborate with your investigations.
Thank you very much for sharing so genteelly your knowledge.
I hope you could come back soon to Uruguay.
B......  (Full Name is data privacy protection)

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