Animal Essences 4

All PHI Animal Essences are made by the original crystal methold, by respecting the animals. The animals are not touched or blessed. With these essences we can feel the pure spirit of all animals around this continent.
(Panthera tigris) Photo: Dreamstime

For power and vitality. Cleans energetic blockades.
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Turtle - Schildkröte
( Caretta caretta ) Photo: Andreas Korte, PHI Essences

Helps us in a siutation of Stress.
We learn how to work with the silence in us.
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(Grammostola rosea), Photo: Dreamstime

This essences gives a better sense of balance and makes us more self confident. We learn how to transform negative feelings and fears and feel more trust and confidence , connected to all living beings.

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Humpback Whale
(Megaptera novaeangliae)

This powerful essence should only be used after one has worked with Delph® (Dolphin essence). 
Please, always test it first! Whales are the keepers of knowledge. They are quite serious but in a loving, fatherly, way. Their essence throws our heart chakra wide open so that we can connect deeply with all life forms on Earth. This experience, which can be overwhelming for the unprepared, reminds us of our role as caretakers of this planet and our need to live up to our real purpose for being here.
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Right whale - Glattwal
(Eubalaena australis), Photo: Dreamstime

This whale can emit a great sound spectrum. He can open us for the experience of the fourth and the fifth dimension. We learn that we are all connected and that separation is an illusion.

Good for meditations and transpersonal experiences. The person should be grounded.

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Sperm Whale - Pottwal
(Physeter macrocephalus), Photo: Gaby BARATHIEU,Wikipedia
They are guardians of the Earth and connect us to the fifth dimension.
They remind us of the preservation of God's creation.
Their embryonic-like shape reminds us how important it is that DNA
to preserve in their original form and to regenerate it energetically.
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Finback Whale
(Balaenoptera physalus), Photo: Dreamstime

He is opening our rorcual consciousness to the 4th. and 5th. Dimension.
We experience the awareness, beyond time and space.
We enter into the Matrix and experience the realisation and manifestiations of thoughts into reality.
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Morpho Butterfly
(Morpho peleides), Photo: Dreamstime

The Morpho butterfly is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world and it represents the blue ray.
The butterflies move on spirals and bring cosmic energy to the earth. The blue ray represents:
Protection, courage, power, force and cosmic knowledge.
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Butterfly Large Copper - Feuerfalter
(Lycaena dispar) Photo: Dreamstime

The butterfly is connected with the cosmic consciousness.
They bring the energy of the ray to the consciousness of the earth.

They dance, they communicate, they activate the meridianes of the body.
The consciousness go over the material, go into the spiritual, to dissolve,
to transform and represent the red ray for selfless service and spiritual healing.
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