Amazone Orchid Essences

Due to the particular distribution of light in Amazonia many species of orchid there have developed roots that are no longer tied to the soil. They only have support roots and are found in the treetops, on the "top floor" of the humid rainforest. Here, at a height of 25-35 metres, they lead, as do other epiphytes, a life that is independent of the tree they live in. What does it imply, that these plants no longer live in direct contact with the earth ? From an energetic point of view, it means that their actions go beyond the physical level. Just as the grow in the treetops which, in energetic terms, represent the astral body, so does their effect begin in the astral body and from there extends to the other subtle bodies.

Orchid and the Higher Chakras

The Orchid essences. Due to their high vibratory frequency collection of orchid essences provides, to our knowledge, the most subtle energies of all essences available.
Aggression Orchid
(Acineta superba)

Releases and transforms energies blocked in the lower chakras.
Has a liberating effect on the 1st chakra.

Photo: Andreas Korte/PHI Essences
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For a greater understanding of our planet. Releases blocked energies.
Has proven to be highly effective in releasing energies blocked in the spine.
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Angel Orchid
(Epidendrum secundum)

Puts us in touch with the angels. This essence is uplifting and enables us to gain access to higher states of consciousness. Increases our physical vibrations.
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(Miltonia phalaenopsis)

Acts as a protective shield/screen. For fine and sensitive beings who are exposed to a highly hostile environment and are in desperate need of protection. Enhances our communication with our gardian angels.
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(Oncidium incurvum)

Helps us to communicate directly with our guides in the spiritual world or with the cosmic source,
to receive messages and duly transmit them.
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(Stanhopea wardii)

For those who tend to be bitter and have an over sombre sense of spirituality.
For those learning to live in joy.
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(Oncidium lanceanum)

For those who tend to be sad and have a belief system that life is grim.
This orchid helps us recognise that our thoughts are powerful forces which affect our lives.
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(Cymbidium lowianum)

Helps to experience our cellular consciousness on the physical plane,
thus inciting our own healing processes.
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(Edidendrum prismatocarpum)

Makes it easier for us to contact the elemental kingdom of Nature.
Helps to demolish the walls that prevents us from embracing the world of natural forces.
The forces of nature.
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(Cattleya warscewiczii)

For an inner sense of abundance. Opens the heart to its spiritual capacity to give and receive like a cornucopia. Teaches us to experience universal love and recognise that it has no limits.
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(Vanda tricolor)

Heightens our sens of humour and joyfulness.
Opens us to higher dimensions, putting our problems into a wider perspect.

Photo: Andreas Korte, PHI Essences

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(Laeliocattleya Hybr.)

Helps us to increase our energies in the solar plexus and transform them into love.
​Teaches us to transmute selfish emotions into love, raising them into the spiritual plane.

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(Laeliocattleya anceps clara)

Connects us to our Higher Self.
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(Cattleya trianaei)

Opens us to our spirituality and helps us to express this force creatively on a physical. For artistic inspiration.

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(Oncidium abortivun)

So that the energy of love can flow through us.
Has a liberating effect on the heart chakra, source of the purest love.
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(Paphiopedilum harrysianum)

Leads us to new states of consciousness:
Helps us access an inner space where all the memories and knowledge are stored.

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(Paphiopedilum insigne)

Helps us contact the depths of our being ans our subconscious to find answers to the questions life presents us with.
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(Epidendrum chioneum)

Stabilizes our ego. Opens our solar plexus, connecting it to the sun.
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(Anguloa clowesii)

Stimulates our feminine side - the Yin.
​Develops qualities such as attentive listening, understanding, gentleness and love.
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Victoria Regia
(Victoria amazonica)

This essence contains energy related to the Kundalini which condiderably improves our physical condition. Helps those who are on the threshold of leaving this world.
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Amazone Orchid Essences - Full Set 1-20
15 ml stockbottles

  • Aggression Orchid
  • Amazonas-Flußpräparat
  • Angel Orchid
  • Angel of Protection Orchid
  • Channeling Orchid
  • Chocolate Orchid
  • Colour Orchid
  • Coordination Orchid
  • Deva Orchid
  • Füllhorn Cattleya
  • Fun Orchid
  • Heart Orchid
  • Higher Self Orchid
  • Inspiration Orchid
  • Love Orchid
  • Past Life Orchid
  • Psyche Orchid
  • Sun Orchid
  • Venus Orchid
  • Victoria Regia
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Orchid Flower-Cards, 20 pieces
9 cm x 13 cm
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20 Amazonian Orchid Essences Deva Cards
12,00 EUR
incl. 6% tax
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